What’s a write-in?

    A write-in is a gathering of writers for the purpose of writing. Yes, writing is usually a solitary activity, but wrimos find that being with others who are writing often helps with the word count.

    A write-in can be in-person—at a library, coffee shop, or someone’s home—or virtual, a.k.a. online.

    Here in Sacramento, we do both kinds. And nearly every in-person write-in we do is also a virtual write-in, because the people gathered together also log into the SacNaNo Discord server and chat there.

    To really help the word count, we hold word wars, also called sprints. On the Discord server, there’s a special channel called war-only, and in that channel lives a bot named Sprinto. His job is to time word wars for us. The instructions are right there.

    On Wednesdays year-round, we hold a virtual write-in from 7:00 to 10:00 PM. This is one of those times when we don’t get together in person. We just log into the SacNaNo Discord server, and there we sprint and we socialize.

    Our other regular event that goes on year-round is the write-in at Panera at the corner of Sunrise and Greenback in Citrus Heights. This gathering runs from 6:30 PM till the place closes at 9:00.

    For most write-ins, some member of the region creates a Facebook event in the sacnano group. We usually send invitations through Facebook the day of each event, to remind folks to come on out.

    Join us!