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    Head Over Heels: Writing Young Adult Fiction

    By Jamie Thornton I write young adult (YA) fiction in the fantasy and sci-fi genres. While the intended audience is teenagers, some of my biggest fans are grownups from their thirties to their eighties. You see this phenomenon with hugely popular book series too, like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games. How can you, as a writer, meet the reader expectations for both young readers and older fans? YA fiction requires that your protagonist has to be a teenager, but it’s more complex than that. The reader expectation is that your protagonist must experience many “firsts” throughout the course of […]

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    Your words do not suck.

      Read that again. Your words do not suck. The first draft of your novel–and that’s probably what you’re working on in November–is a very good thing. It may not be something an editor at a pro-level publication will buy. But that comes later. Here’s what that first draft is: It’s the doorway between you and your best work.  You see, your work needs to find you as much as you need to find it. And the first draft is how you find each other. And what excitement when you meet! You may never have met before, and yet the […]

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