It’s All Coming Together

    Like a tapestry, each word you weave creates a picture, a work of art. By itself “the” means nothing. “And” is pretty worthless unless there’s a word before and after it. Every thread is brought together to tell the story only you can tell.

    At this point in the month, your novel is starting to come together. You’ve fallen in love with your characters, or become thoroughly creeped out by them depending on what kind of story you’re telling. Either way, they’re real to you, and their journeys matter. 


    Your characters are begging to know what happens next. They want to know ‘who done it?’ They’re dying to see if their lover will return the sentiment. They’re hoping to make it to the planet alive or win that battle against the evil overlord warlock. Without you, your characters are frozen in time, trapped in an eternal torture of ‘what next?’ 

    It’s all coming together. The tapestry, your story, and us Nano-ers making the magic (join a write-in!). So what are you doing still reading this post? 

    They’re waiting. 

    Congenital Heart Defect survivor, Emily Fluke finds joy and peace through the expression of writing. She engages in and has been published in many formats from poetry to short stories to flash fiction and nonfiction. Her first full-length book, “Eve of Anarchy: Chronicles of a Kingdom at War” will be published in 2020 by Clarendon House Publications. You can follow Emily on her website at

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