20BooksTo50K Conference, day 2

    Tuesday was the first real day of the conference, and it was packed. One of the best things about this conference is that you can go to a crowded breakfast place and say “is this seat taken?” then sit and talk with a bunch of other introverts about writing process. For both breakfast and lunch, I sat with people who make a living from selling their books. The woman I talked to at lunch was homeless when she started writing her paranormal romances four years ago. She just paid off her house and she’s going shopping for a Tesla next week. (And she’s got five kids.)

    If that weren’t enough (and it would be), the keynotes and the sessions are valuable too. Mark Dawson from the Self-Publishing Formula went through the eight mistakes he made when he became an indie author (and then a hilarious account of a smug writer who tried to call him out for being a hack). Dean Wesley Smith talked about the right attitude for being a successful writer. And an evening workshop on romance writers was amazingly helpful for the new series I’m launching under a pen name.

    Keynote speaker Mark Dawson and 20Books co-founder Craig Martelle in an inflatable T-rex costume. This is a very serious conference.

    I spoke at the first Saturday launch meeting about the journey for finishing your book this month. Many people came up to me afterward, asking what best practices are for successful self-publishing. (And it’s a topic I will present, hopefully in early December.) I’ve self-published four novels and one novella, and I’m about to break even. Almost everyone else at this event has dozens of books. (The formerly-homeless woman has over 40.)

    The only hiccup in the day was a session on audiobook production which turned out to be a 45-minute advertisement for ACX (Amazon’s audiobook production arm). Other than that, though, everything was really useful.

    They’re recording (almost) all the sessions here and making them free for members of the Facebook group. This is a group that wants indie authors to be successful.

    And I still got 1,700 words written in my WIP, thanks to SacNano’s word sprints on Discord!

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