20BooksTo50K Conference, Day 1

    It was only registration, but the meetings were magical

    20BooksTo50K is one of the most popular groups for independent authors. Its Facebook site is approaching legendary status for writers to want to make money with their books. They don’t focus on get-rich-quick schemes or ways to game the Amazon algorithms or payment mechanisms. Their concept is simple:

    “20Booksto50k® is a simple concept of how much money it takes to retire comfortably in Cabo San Lucas. If you have twenty books earning $7.50 each per day, you can make $50k per year.”

    —20BooksTo50K founder Michael Anderle

    From today, November 11, through Thursday November 14, the group is having their annual conference in Las Vegas. They have sessions on Amazon marketing, craft from master storyteller John Truby, and many panel discussions. I was lucky enough to get a ticket (it sold out in 23 minutes), and I’ll blog my thoughts and updates from the show.

    Networking with other authors

    Today was simply registration and a meet-and-greet, but already I found it valuable. I met C.B. Samet in person, a multi-genre author (and EVVY-award winner) who has provided editorial reviews for my self-published books. She and I have been early readers for each other’s books for over a year.

    I met several other mystery and thriller writers during the meet-and-greet. As anyone who’s gone to a write-in knows, there’s something special about being able to talk about your books with people who are actually interested in your writing and publishing experiences. Yes, our friends and family may nod along and encourage us, but it’s another experience entirely when people honestly want to know all the stuff you don’t say at dinner parties. How you were able to successfully apply for that Barnes & Noble promotion, or the difference between dragons and wyverns, or the role of literary alchemy in Harry Potter. I suspect I’ll make a lot of friends this week. We are also all delightfully odd.

    Tomorrow, Tuesday, is the first official day of the conference. After the opening keynote, a panel of “high-powered indie authors” will discuss the keys to their success. (I believe all the panelists make over $500,000 a year selling their books.) Then, there are sessions for almost every writer type. Writing romance to market, reader expectations in space opera, best practices for audiobook production, and dealing with foreign rights are just some of the sessions available. In short, the 20Books Conference really hits the four corners of the indie author world.

    I’ll continue this blog series through Thursday. I hope the sessions will be valuable and that what I share will help you all out on your writing journeys!

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