Getting the Word Counter on the New NaNo Site

    I beat my head against the wall trying to figure out how to update my word count on the brand new novel I started writing this morning. The process is much different to the previous NaNoWriMo site, and it was completely unintuitive to me. Someone had to walk me through it. I’m putting instructions here to save you from my frustration. (Although it may already be too late!)

    The piece I was missing? Transitioning my novel from “Prepping” to “In Progress.” Here’s how to do it.

    On your NaNoWriMo home page, make sure your project is visible (you may have to click the “Projects” tab).

    If the flag above your project’s title says “Prepping,” you need to change it.

    Move your mouse over the down arrow next to the push pin in the upper right corner of your project graphic. The arrow turns in to a hand. Click to open the menu, then select “Edit project” from the dropdown list.

    A new window will become visible. Go down to the pop-up menu where “Prepping” is visible. Click and select “In progress.” (And make any other changes necessary.) Then click “Update Details.”

    You’ve updated your project to In Progress, and shortly—it took me about ten or fifteen seconds to see it—you’ll see a new set of two buttons in your top menu bar on the NaNo site: a Plus and a Clock.

    When you click on the Plus button, a dialog window opens below, where you can update your word count, as well as add details about your writing session and experience.

    Click “Update Progress” when you’ve completed your entries.

    The old NaNo site had an entry window at the top, where you could simply type in your total words so far. That was simpler and easier to use. While the new site’s functionality is greater, it’s a good deal of work to even get this to show up. And given the loud opinions expressed at our Midnight Kickoff last night, I’m far from alone.

    I hope this set of instructions works for you, and I appreciate you sticking with NaNoWriMo as it works out these website issues. Happy writing, everyone!

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