Gearing up for NaNoWriMo 2019

    Gearing Up!

    For 2019, the Sacramento chapter of NaNoWriMo has a bunch of new announcements—and things we haven’t done before.

    Our biggest change? This year, we’re offering learning sessions each of the first four Saturdays in November. These will be led by several of the writers in our group who’ve gotten their fiction published. We hope you’ll find the sessions useful for finishing your month a winner—and for taking your project to the next level!

    In the next couple of weeks, we’ll announce the dates for the “meet and greets”—the late October meet-ups where we’ll introduce ourselves and each other. Be sure to attend—it’s a great place to get started on this crazy monthlong (and maybe beyond?) journey.

    And finally, we have a new Municipal Liaison: Paul Austin Ardoin. Paul’s won the last two NaNoWriMos and hit his goals the last four Camps (April & July, 2018-19). He’s a regular at the Panera in-person write-ins. Paul’s not only won the last couple of NaNoWriMos, but he’s self-published those books as well. Not too shabby for a guy who failed at NaNo for his first eight years—and if he can do it, you can too!

    We hope to see you at a Meet & Greet in late October and at the write-ins. Stay tuned for more information—and don’t forget to join our Facebook group!

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